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We utilize fit pricing models which our provide a mutual benefit for our clients and for us. It makes us a team!

Email marketing starting at $15/mo

We have developed four promotional product industry lists with a total reach of over 170,000 distributor sales people. We manage several end buyer lists. Want a DIY solution? We have that too.

ePages: Digital Catalogs. FREE!

ePages is our digital catalog solution. It is fully searchable and customizable. Add your unlimited free ePages (catalogs) today

Display/Retargeting starting at $10/CPM

Extend the life of your marketing campaigns or reach a new audience by having your ads placed on the top 2000 trafficked online websites.

Managed content marketing

Starting at $50/mo. What can you get for $50? A lot! 4 emails sent to your own list, and 4 posts to any or all of these social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest - All curated by Cliff Quicksell, MAS+.

Design Services

$150/hour --- Our team of creative designers can help you and your organization build everything from customized flyers to social media posts and more.

Video Creation

Starting at $500 --- The aftermath of an effective and well-created video will get you a huge profit.

Editorial Content

$150/hour --- We know how to succinctly position your business to motivate distributors to take action.

Web Development

Starting at $4,500 --- We know how to make you stand out from the clutter with sites that are customized for your business.

Media Buying

$200/hour --- We see the Big Picture, and act as the point of contact for all media reps, thus freeing up your time.

Marketing Strategy

$200/hour --- Have you ever tried to fix something in your home that maybe you shouldn’t have?

ROI Analysis

$200/hour --- Have you ever asked, “What am I getting for all that money I’m paying ‘BLANK?‘“ Let’s find out.

Retainer Services

By investing in an agency, you get the benefit of an entire marketing department for a nominal fee, and save up to 50%.

Pricing Plans

We’ve got lists for every program and budget. Want help choosing? With a few clicks our system can let you know what the best fit is for you! Click here.

  • 140,000 Distributor Sales PeopleThe List
  • $1,844/ Email
    • Reach 140,000 distributor sales people
    • The combined emails from the Standard, VerticallySocial, Deal, and Gold Lists
    • Does not include the SmartBlast email list
    • Repeat art allowed every two weeks
    • $1,844/email
    • Subscription plans as low as $622/email

  • 75,000 Distributor Sales PeopleStandard List
  • $598/ email
    • Reach 75,000 distributor sales people
    • The list that started it all. Going strong since 2007.
    • Average open rate of 11%
    • Repeat art allowed every 90 days
    • $598/email
    • Subscription plans as low as $150/email

  • 45,000 Distributor Sales PeopleSmartBlast
  • $1,598/ Email
    • Reach 45,000 distributor sales people
    • The Granddaddy of email lists in the promo industry
    • Average open rate of 20%
    • Repeat art allowed every 90 days
    • $1,598/email
    • Subscription plans as low as $599/email

  • 40,000 Distributor Sales PeopleVerticallySocial List
  • $348/ Email
    • Reach 40,000 distributor sales people
    • Need to repeat art? This is the list for you. Great for getting your message to stick.
    • Average open rate of 12%
    • Repeat art allowed every 2 weeks
    • $348/email
    • Subscription plans as low as $99/email

  • 40,000 Distributor Sales PeopleThe Deal List
  • $$300/ Email
    • Reach 40,000 distributor sales people
    • Generate buzz for less money
    • Average open rate of 15%
    • Repeat art allowed every 90 days
    • $300/email
    • Subscription plans as low as $75/email

  • 15,000 Distributor Sales PeopleGold Standard List
  • $598/ email
    • Reach 15,000 distributor sales people
    • Reach the ASI Top 40 & our most active subscribers
    • Average open rate of 23%
    • Repeat art allowed every 90 days
    • $598/email – Ask about volume discounts
    • Subscription plans as low as $150/email

  • Do It YourselfDASH
  • $5/ Month
    • Upload & manage your inhouse list
    • Send up to six emails/month
    • Unlimited digital catalogs
    • Unlimited social media posts
    • Unlimited landing pages
    • So much more

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