We want our clients to stand out, be a better version of themselves, and please for the love of everything… not be boring. Unless that’s what you’re going for.

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Email, but so much more.

We believe in the power of experiences. Regardless of their form, great experiences are capable of connecting people and instilling in them a truly unforgettable feeling that all of us can begin creating, right here, today. Simply put, experiences build relationships, relationships build brands.

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About Us

Meet Dustin, Our Principal

“We take great pleasure in creating new tools that expand our clients’ reach, brand identity and market share, but our driving force is to utilize new ideas in creative ways. Creativity is our passion.”

– Dustin at 8LMedia Chicago


We offer the software and services you need to market your business so you can focus your time and energy where it matters -- on your clients.

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We create the most powerful advertising opportunities to build your brand and reach more distributors. Value added services like Free digital catalogs keep more money in your pocket.

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What Are Your Goals?

Each business has its own idea of what it wants from a marketing strategy – for most, it’s about growth and the bottom line. What are you looking for?

Experience Counts

Look for a marketing agency that offers a consultation or strategy session. This is a great way to ask questions and see what kind of approach we believe will work for your company.

Consider Your Budget

Marketing is an investment. Some businesses can dedicate a big budget, while others look for something smaller in scale. We have tools that fit every budget.

Can It Deliver on Your Vision?

A great marketing agency is committed to making your dreams a reality. We believe in experimenting until we find what achieves the best results for your business.

Measure Success

Any marketing vendor can talk a good game – but can it deliver for your brand? We have all the tools and resources you need to tracking campaign success (and failure).

Size Doesn’t Always Matter

At Eight Legged Media, we make the needs of all clients a priority – regardless of brand size. If your company is a small fish in a big pond, it still deserves attention.

We want our clients to stand out, be a better version of themselves, and please for the love of everything… not be boring. Unless that’s what you’re going for. Wait did we say that already? Yup. We did. We really want to make sure you read it this time.

First Step

Finding a marketing partner

Life is full of choices. Some are easy, such as what to have for dinner (cheeseburger thank you), and others, more serious, like, for instance, choosing a marketing partner. Good decision skills are useful in life. We can make finding a partner easy.

What Makes Us Different
Second Step

Finding The Right Fit

We’ve got lists for every program and budget and tools for all your needs. Want help choosing? With a few clicks our system can let you know what the best fit is for you! Just don’t call it a wizard… magic scares us.

Find Your Fit
Third Step

Extending Your Reach

Business growth is dependent on increasing the number of potential customers you have access to. You need both repeat customers and a steady flow of new ones to make this happen. Let’s start talking and reach everyone!

Learn How

You don’t need a big brain to make the right marketing decision. You just need the right team.

Eight Legged Media started with the mantra, “There has to be a better way.” In 2007, that meant a better way to manage email marketing so it could be the powerhouse marketing tool it once was. We’ve grown into so much more.

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First Step

Define & Assess

To position you as leaders in your marketplace, both employees and customers must be part of the Define & Assess phase.

Second Step

Strategic Planning

In this phase, the facts and vision are creatively merged to establish the foundation of the brand messaging platform.

Third Step

Creative Approach

Corporate Identity System (e.g., logo design, signage, stationery, business cards,proposal template, email auto signature)

Fourth Step


One of the key performance indicators of a successful branding is gaining consensus with employees and building the brand through involvement and emotional attachment.


Dustin Harris

Vice President, Sales

Peter Moskowitz

Director of Finance

Jane DiFrancesco

Lead Developer

David Grooms


DASH is a platform that can transform your brands and grow your business. It includes a full suite of marketing tools with access to everything starting at $15/month.

Email Lists

We have developed four promotional product industry lists with a total reach of over 170,000 distributor sales people. We also manage several end buyer lists. Who are you looking to reach?


Extend the life of your marketing campaigns or reach a new audience. Be seen on the top 2000 sites online. Follow your clients and prospects on their journey on the web and stay top of mind.

Digital Catalogs

ePages is our digital catalog solution. It is fully searchable and customizable. Get your unlimited free ePages today! Ask us how.

Design Services

Design requires a creative expert. There’s a difference between a $25 flyer and one that’s customized to you.

Video Creation

The aftermath of an effective and well-created video will get you a huge profit.

Website Development

We know how to make you stand out from the clutter with sites that are customized for your business.

Agency Services

By investing in an agency, you get the benefit of an entire marketing department for a nominal fee, and save up to 50%. Services include design, strategy, and analysis.

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