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We strive to be the best. Wow, that’s cliche.

What we really strive for is honesty, consistency, and results. How we get there is by making you shine.
About Us

It’s all about the idea

The spark. The piece of excitement that draws people in. We produce sparks by working hard, hammering out ideas fanatically to create something special. Passionately exploring all the possibilities, we know everything starts with a spark. So there you go. No fluff. No flowery nonsense. Just honest hard work. Raise your hand if you already knew this from the cover.

What We Do

We reach everyone

It’s not just our catchphrase, which it is, but so much more. When you partner with Eight Legged Media, you are working with a team of professionals that focus on delivering engaging cross channel campaigns. We develop cohesive marketing programs that generate results. Let us act as the dashboard for all your marketing needs.

Marketing is the best kind of science.

When you were a kid maybe you made rock candy or homemade slime, and your eyes lit up while you played for hours. Marketing is kind of like that, but instead of candy or goop, when you do it right you make money. Come play with us.

It's starts with your contacts

Your prospecting list is the most powerful tool you have in your marketing arsenal. It not only let's you sell more, but also gives you an avenue for word of mouth marketing. Don't have a list yet? Start with one of ours.

Reach them with email

Email helps you to learn about your audience so you can build your brand. It also doesn't hurt that studies show that email offers the highest return on your marketing dollars.

Reach them where they are

Through retargeting, display ads, and social media posts your brand can travel with your prospects and generate new ones. Ever wonder why you see certain ads when you're just browsing the web. Ask us. We know.

ePages is your catalog digitized

All of your products or services are now at your clients' fingertips everywhere they go. Fully searchable, with the ability to create custom covers, and unlimited publications. Why not try making a case study?

Dive into the numbers

Make sure you are looking at your statistics and understand what they mean. These help determine the direction you should go in next. If you got a great open rate, but a weak click rate you might want to rethink that art. Did you include a call to action?

Your art matters

Marketing is both an science and and art. What you put out is not only your message but also represents your brand. How do you want to world to see you?


Dustin Harris

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Vice President, Sales

Peter Moskowitz

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Lead Developer

David Grooms

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Client Content Consultant

Cliff Quicksell

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Director of Finance

Jane DiFrancesco

We have the tools you need to take care of all your marketing needs in a DASH.


Promotional Consultant Email Addresses

Reach more distributors than anyone else in the promotional products industry. This list is a powerhouse.


Satisfied Clients

Our focus on healthy contact management practices, beautifully designed campaigns, and powerful data analysis made this possible. We feel privileged to have worked with so many amazing companies since we opened our doors in 2007.


Powerful Tools

DASH is a platform that can transform your brands and grow your business. We look forward to joining you on your journey whether you need a tour guide for the day, or a sherpa for the long haul.


Low Price

With pricing beginning at $15 per month, we have a plan for everyone looking to grow their business and streamline their tools and processes. Do more for less.

Read a few of our client case studies, and see how we expanded their reach, and helped grow their businesses.